Supporters at Trump rally

I’m a “Boomer.” Fifty years ago, when we were young, Boomers knew that we were going make the world a better place. It was inevitable. We saw ourselves making progress and we had hope. Now that we’re reaching the end, it looks like we’re back where we started, with an entire half-century of time and effort wasted.

Some folks say that we must be positive and look at the real progress that we’ve made. Remember the lasting impact that LBJ’s Great Society anti-poverty programs and the civil rights movement have had. We should take hope from the strong equal-justice movements of today like Black Lives Matter and #MeToo. We should view the 50% of Americans who voted for Donald Trump as the last gasp of a dying breed, nostalgic for the days when America was a white man’s country.

I’m not so sanguine. I’m scared by that 50%, blithely willing to vote for the orange buffoon, and for the rest of the clowns in Congress who cower at his feet. That 50% are either racists, morons or hypocritical, power-hungry opportunists. These are not the sort of people who make a country great. I take solace in the fact that, as a Boomer, I won’t be around long enough to have to live in the world that they make.

By junius

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