If [Victor] Vekselberg’s name sounds familiar, it may be because of his connection to former President Donald Trump. Back in 2017, the Daily Beast reported, Vekselberg’s cousin and money manager, Andrew Intrater, funneled money to Trump’s erstwhile personal lawyer, Michael Cohen — eight payments in eight months through his company, Columbus Nova. Columbus Nova, meanwhile, appears to have been a client of serial fabulist George Santos’ back when he was working at Harbor City Capital, the investment firm later accused of running a Ponzi scheme.

According to the Washington Post, Harbor City accepted a “$625,000 deposit from a company registered in Mississippi that identifies Intrater as its lone officer” in 2020. Intrater and his wife went on to become major backers of Santos’ bid for Congress in ‘22, giving $56,100 to committees backing the embattled NY representative. Santos, meanwhile, went on to distinguish himself as an outspoken critic of Ukraine, which he called “totalitarian regime” in an interview at CPAC last year.

From Rolling Stone – How Do You Hide a 255-Foot Superyacht? Poorly

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